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NFT Cat Passport

NFT Cat Passport it’s a platform that allows you to save important documents of your cat in a fun way.

NFT Cat Passport

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Project Description

NFT Cat Passport is a social dApp built for cat lovers, and anyone who loves painting, design, or drawing.

NFT Cat Passport it’s a platform that allows you to save important documents of your cat in a fun way. These documents contain important details such as your pet’s identification, ownership and medical information. It is a digital record of your pet’s vaccinations, medical procedures and other treatments that can be used when the pet goes missing, or when the pet is travelling or in case of any accidents.

NFT Cat Passport it’s also a marketplace where owners can sell, buy, and swap NFTs.

With our NFT Pixels platform, anyone can create an NFT, customize it, or design one within minutes. Our simple and practical online art editor allows anyone with or without experience to create NFTs in a fun way. As well as to sell them in our marketplace.

Whenever a viewer goes to the app he or she will be able to browse NFTs from different creators, see details from specific NFT and play for a chance to win an NFT.

If the user successfully guessed the secret number, the user will be celebrated by confetti, and he/she will be able to mint the NFT. Try it, it is really fun!

How it's Made

NFT Pixels application makes use of the following software:

NFTStorage: the data is stored on NFTStorage IPFS, the generated hash (CID) will be used to view the details and to retrieve the NFT.

  • ​​ NFTPort for multi-chain NFT minting, and data transparency such as distributing rewards and minting the NFT.

  • Unlock for giving the user access to exclusive content

Solidity: Solidity was used for the smart contract together with OpenZeppelin ERC721 for faster development of the smart contract

Ganache: for local blockchain development

Polygon, Matic Network: the network I deployed the app.

Frontend: React Js for the frontend, Material-UI, and Web3 to connect to the blockchain.

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