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NFT Cam brings your NFT to AR in one click: NFT Cam can turn any OpenSea NFT link into an interactive AR experience. >>Follow us ( <<


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NFTHack 2022

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NFTHack 2022 Finalist

Project Description

We have a twitter now! Follow us to learn the latest news! >> << Join our newsletter: << In the real world, we love sharing photos and videos about our art collections, to express our tastes and engage with other community members. But in the NFT world, there aren’t many ways to express our love for our collections to others visually, except for changing the profile picture. NFT Cam makes it really easy to bring any NFT into your camera. Thanks to the interoperability of web3, NFT Cam only needs an OpenSea link to grab the corresponding asset. And a perfect AR experience will be generated based on the NFT, whether it’s 3D or 2D. If the NFT is a JPEG, you can use it as a background. While if it’s a rigged 3D model, you can drive it with the movement of your body.

How it's Made

For the frontend, we used React, Web3.js, THREE.js and MediaPipe. For the backend, we used Node.js. Specifically, we use web3.js to connect to the user's Metamask wallet and get the user's address. We then use OpenSea APIs to fetch the user's owned NFTs on OpenSea and list them out. For NFTs with a GLTF asset, we support a "Try in AR" functionality. To create the AR experience, we used the MediaPipe library to track and segment the body captured by the device's camera. We then used THREE.js to animate and render the 3D model with the same pose as the user, making the 3D NFT "dance" with the user.

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