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NFT Arena

A decentralized browser game to level-up an NFT hero by collecting gears and training the hero across different chains using Hyperlane

NFT Arena

Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🌠 Hyperlane — Best Use with NFTs


🔟 Optimism — Top 10 Deployed

Project Description

NFT Arena combines dynamic NFTs and Hyperlane to allow users to create an NFT hero and train it via different training courses in different chains, encouraging users to travel across multiple chains, which benefits the network partners to be able to onboard new users.

The training courses (quests) are designed to encourage a reasonable amount of grinding to improve hero stats and become more competitive at PvP Arena. These quests can be continuously added as part of a ‘new content update’ to introduce more benefits (eg. different stat upgrades). They may carry different educational values based on their design (eg. quests to encourage using certain features or dapps on respective chains.)

In order to boost cross chain exploration, we currently only allow each character to train and quest a single time per chain.

How it's Made

This project is built without any backends, allowing users the option to fork the repo and run the application locally if they so choose. We used IPFS to store our URI metadata. We built the front-end using Material UI and several popular web3 libraries such as Rainbow and Wagmi. We also integrated Hyperlane for our cross chain bridging.

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