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NFT Ads is an AD delivery tool for Web3 users, including individuals, DAOs and other crypto teams.


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Road to Web3

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🏊 Polygon Pool Prize

Project Description

Problem of Web2 Advertising tools:

  • Too Much Cost
  • Non-verifiable Results
  • Monopoly on Information

Our Solution in Web3:

  • Lower Cost
  • Verifiable Results
  • Crypto Native

How it works:

For Advertisers:

  • Upload images with promotional pictures.
  • Fill in the target addresses for the Ads or choose some packages of top NFT holders' addresses we offered.
  • Pay the gas fee to place the NFT Ads.

For Receivers:

  • Click the link in the description, or scan the QR code from the NFT to jump to our website.
  • Get rewards like $MATIC by burning Ad NFTs on our website. -The conversion rates of the Ads can be reflected by the proportion of NFTs which receivers have already clicked "Get Rewards".

Future Work:

  • Support other kinds of NFT Ads such as gif, music and video.
  • Add tasks that people must do before they can gain benefit from burning NFT, such as following advertisers' Twitter and joining Discord.
  • Go to mainnet !

More Advantages:

  • On our website: Lower Cost | Verifiable Results | Crypto Native

How it's Made

We deploy an ERC-1155 smart contract on Polygon testnet to send NFTs to target group, and reward people who burn the Ad NFT on our website with some $MATIC.


  • Polygon: All contracts and NFTs are on Polygon.

  • IPFS: We stored NFT ADs' info on IPFS.

  • Moralis: We get NFTs' owners' address by using Moralis.

  • Node.js: for backend.

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