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NFPs: Non-Fungible Podcasts

Non-fungible Podcasts enables the next million podcasters to use NFTs to make a living and connect more deeply with their fans

NFPs: Non-Fungible Podcasts

Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

Most podcasters won't reach the scale needed to make a living from their passion as advertising is the primary revenue source for most podcasters. What if there is a model using the power of NFTs to empower more people to make podcasting their primary career / gig?

NFPs is a model where podcasters can offer fans a limited set of mintable NFT podcasts that come with access to exclusive content and time with podcast hosts.

The limited edition (e.g. 1/25) membership ERC-1155 podcast NFTs can give access to scarce value that is mutually beneficial to the collector and interviewee, e.g. private channel with the interviewee to ask questions / connect with other fans, early access to products/media the interviewee is promoting, etc. The value of this connection is that these superfans can become huge promoters of the business/project of the interviewee, and the interviewee can get deeper feedback on their work.

The ultra limited (e.g. 1/1 or even 1/5) edition ERC-721 NFTs give owners the ability to split 30% of revenue with podcast hosts, and bet on the future of these hosts while providing them with seed capital to continue the show. Right now this money stream is manually handled via the Superfluid dashboard, but I hope to create dynamic splits in the future to allow for creative fundraising mechanisms.

How it's Made

This project uses a SDK from ThirdWeb to lazy mint a collection of ERC-1155 limited edition NFTs, Alchemy to stand up a dapp with Solidity/React and mint ERC-721 tokens, IPFS + for hosting of NFT metadata, Fleek/IPFS for deployment of the site. Superfluid for (manual) streaming payments. for token-gated access to Podcast community and exclusive channels on Discord.

ERC-1155 collection contract: 0x7445Dd1bD5f6a2d937949F4a6bD4eB43798Ed5de

ERC-721 collection contract: 0xAf0DBabF5C444943B2872Ef52abFB9FD8C2e31F2

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