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Example of a game where you use NextId to log in , and you can store data related to your avatar


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ETHOnline 2023

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🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize

Project Description

The project utilizes Next ID to usher players into an engaging gaming universe. Here, they can embody unique avatars and save their personalized configurations within the game. The project is a 3D game where players, through Next ID, can embody unique avatars and save personalized configurations within the game.

How it's Made

The project leverages Next ID for an immersive gaming experience where players log in using avatars and have configurations stored within the game. It utilizes Three.js and Groomet for rendering graphics, React.js for building the user interface, and interacts with smart contracts on the blockchain using the Ethers.js library. Through Ethers.js, the project communicates with the underlying smart contracts, enabling seamless gameplay and transaction management within the blockchain environment, making the gaming experience both interactive and secure

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