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A censorship resistant news platform for citizen reporters so they can inform the public and create a verifiable foundation of news sources.

News Buff

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Project Description

News Buff is enabling a censorship-resistant news platform for Citizen Reporters, those on the ground capturing the breaking stories as they happen.

This first version is focusing on the core value add, being the decentralized platform that enables censorship resistance.

News Buff at its core is an attempt to restructure the foundation of news - sources. If 2020 has taught us anything it is that social media sites are not a good replacement for news information. So NB is trying to be the platform that is purpose-built for the collection, storage and curation of Citizen Reports.

How it's Made

News Buff is built using Textile (ThreadDB) for the storage layer. There is a TypeScript helper that allows Textile to integrate with the rest of the JS application. There are smart contracts for the storage of the user info in combination with 3Box. The front end is built in Vue.js with Vuex for state management.

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