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Giving the sixth sense to NFTs by creating an ML model marketplace with some NFT analytics.


Created At

HackFS 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize


3️⃣5️⃣ IPFS/Filecoin — Storage Mage


🔟 Spheron — Top 10 project

Project Description


A safe, fair and untamperable marketplace for buying and selling ML NFTs aka NeuralNFTs which supports on-chain royalties creating a trust-free and non-custodial relationship between the ML developers and the marketplace.


  1. ML is one of the growing fields in the current generation and also has an ever growing community.
  2. Some ML models are really mind blowing as it solves a lot of crucial real world problems.
  3. We believe ML has more potential than just solving real world problems. XD
  4. We see ML as an art and people who create models as developers.
  5. And we thought it is the right time to bring in an interactive ML model marketplace for the ML developers to showcase their talent .
  6. We also thought that bringing in ML models in the NFT space would attract a lot of people to enter into this field and ultimately create a better world.


NeuralNFT is an ERC2981 token which is basically a ML model NFT. Our project is a NeuralNFT marketplace. We have a single NFT + Marketplace contract which is highly secure, well tailored with Openzepplin and tested to the core. We support minting, listing, buying and selling of NeuralNFTs in our dApp. We also provide decentralized identity that serves as their profile. We use a lot of cutting edge technologies to index events and provide dynamic UI. We made our project production ready and so we deployed it on the polygon mainnet. We used free open source ML models from TensorFlow Hub to mint some test NFTs. We have a chatting service in our dApp to communicate with the team in case of any issues. This marketplace is an exclusive marketplace for ML model NFTs as we believe ML is a huge domain and we can become the brand name of ML NFTs.

How it's Made

It was a wonderful ride working with all the sponsors, running into issues, talking with the devs and sorting it out. Our project is built like a superhero with super powers of our sponsors Polygon, NFTPort, theGraph, Ceramic, IPFS/Filecoin, Spheron, Lit Protocol, XMTP, Covalent. We deployed our super contract (powered by Openzepplin) on Polygon Mainnet. All NeuralNFTs are deployed to IPFS using's amazing API. The contract emits few events which are indexed using the smooth indexing protocol theGraph for easy and fast data retrieval. Using the retrieved data, the NFT metadata and details are fetched with the help of powerful API provided by NFTPort. Transaction history and other analytics are provided by the robust Covalent API. We were really interested to work with XMTP and wanted to include it in our project somehow in a meaningful way and hence we used it for user support in our dApp. We used Ceramic 3ID DID/IDX to create a decentralized identity for the user profile. We used the BasicProfile schema provided by them. Last but not the least, hands down the most easiest protocol to use was Spheron which we used for hosting our dApp. We used Hardhat to build the backend for our project and writing tests. We used React and Moralis Auth to build the frontend. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you!

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