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permissionless, composable, and autonomous on-chain RPG with playable characters as foundational element


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Autonomous Worlds

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🥇 MUD — Most Creative Use


🏆 Autonomous Worlds Finalist

Project Description

Netherscape is an on-chain game project using MUD engine to build a permissionless, composable, and autonomous on-chain RPG world.

PCs (playable characters) are the center of Netherscape. Modeled as one type of entity (under ECS framework), a PC has much more components and systems embedded into it: a PC can be commanded by players, can equip items, can consume resources, can produce resources, can go into battle, can control map, etc.

On top of PCs, Netherscape builds on-chain mechanisms as the composable substrate to allow sufficiently complicated rules to form an open RPG game world with sustainable in-game activities. For example, with PC's commanding rights, we can build a battle-reinforcement system that, when realized on-chain, becomes a smart contract marketplace that loans out players' commanding rights to other players with collateral and interests.

With interpolable rules and endless possibilities, Netherscape can build a world that is real enough to stimulate true emotions.

Yes, it means we can make waifu.

How it's Made

This project uses @Lattice MUD engine to translate RPG game logic into on-chain contracts, auto networking code, and streamlines reactive client-side. React is used to develop client-side rendering. Foundry is used to facilitate the development of smart contracts.

MUD is a powerful tool that allows us to build a set of complicated game mechanisms under a very short timeframe (within the hackathon). Combined with OP stack, we are able to deploy the game to any EVM-compatible chains. Once the game starts, it can also allow us to add game elements, upgrade game mechanisms, and manage them within DAO

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