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Platform to create, launch and manage phygital NFTs with interactive AI avatars & VR environments


Created At

HackFS 2024

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Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

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Fleek - Pool Prize

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Project Description

Forget static marketing. Today's customers crave dynamic, personalized interactions. We deliver the future with interactive AI brand ambassadors who engage customers in captivating VR experiences. Imagine a world where brand loyalty is built through meaningful connections, not just products. Our platform bridges the gap between physical and digital, allowing customers to connect with brands and physical products through interactive virtual experiences, empowering brands to create captivating phygital experiences with AI-powered avatars. Imagine unique brand ambassadors in VR environments that engage customers in dynamic conversations and provide product information and brand storytelling. Furthermore, our avatars not only stay current on new products and updates, but every interaction is recorded and shapes the AI’s responses, so over time the avatar becomes more and more personalized to the NFT holder’s interests. Imagine the avatar remembering your favorite color or style and suggesting similar products based on past conversations. This fosters a personal and long lasting connection with the brand. The AI can even develop a sense of humor or a specific way of interacting that resonates with you, creating a dynamic and engaging relationship. In addition, the NFT holder is able to customize the avatar (as defined by the creator) as it grows in level and rank, which is based on interactions with it. Your avatar can gain new features like hairstyles, clothes, and animations. This creates a sense of ownership and lets you participate in the development of your unique avatar. The most popular avatars can unlock new rewards and exclusive benefits, and reach the leaderboard of the platform, unlocking even more rewards.
The Benefits: Elevated Customer Experience: Transform product exploration into a captivating VR adventure. Unparalleled Exclusivity: Each NFT unlocks a unique AI avatar that reflects your preferences and grows alongside you. Hyper-Personalized Recommendations: The AI learns your interests, suggests relevant products, and interacts in a way that resonates with you, creating a dynamic and engaging relationship. Dynamic Engagement: The evolving AI and NFT create a lasting connection that keeps you coming back for more. Thriving Brand Community: Connect and share experiences with other NFT holders, fostering a loyal brand community. The Impact: Soaring Brand Loyalty: Customers develop a personal connection with the brand and its AI ambassadors, leading to repeat business and higher customer retention. Active Participation: Feel like a valued partner in the brand's journey, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty. This groundbreaking technology unlocks a future of powerful brand connections, built on personalization, engagement, and a sense of community.

How it's Made

We're using Lilypad for AI-based conversations between users and Brand Avatars. Lit Protocol helps obfuscate private experiences for NFT holders and integrates Lit Actions.We're hosting our webapp on Fleek for reliable performance and, ENS to give our project a unique Ethereum name while the smart contracts are deployed on Sepolia Testnet.

Additionally, We're using Next.js for our marketplace and WebXR apps, boosting performance and SEO. Ready Player Me SDK to enable brands to craft unique avatars, while AFrame to power the immersive WebVR experiences. Lilypad LlaMA3 to drive intelligent AI conversations, and EdenAI handles smooth speech-to-text conversion. IPFS to ensure secure metadata storage, and NFC Tags to provide unique identifiers for physical products.

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