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Neptune creates a financial layer on top of StackOverflow for protocols to incentivise its developer community to answer questions and help build its documentation.


Created At

ETHOnline 2021

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⭐️ ETHOnline 2021 Finalist

Project Description

DAOs are made up of a lot of people willing to help, but it's hard to coordinate & reward everyone correctly. Users have to sift through troves of information across disparate mediums like Discord, Twitter, and other various DAO specific tools – resulting in a high barrier-to-entry, especially, for non-crypto natives.

To lower this barrier, we're creating a financial layer built on the world's go-to resource for public Q&A: StackOverflow. This allows protocols to incentivize an even broader developer community to answer questions & help build its documentation while maintaining the comfort in using existing tooling.

How it's Made

We wanted to embrace web3.0 vision and use Ceramic to enable interoperable, user-controlled data storage. All the data created by Neptune is accessible and anyone can reuse them or integrate it in their app.

We use 3ID Connect from Ceramic to allows users to use a 3ID DID with their existing blockchain wallet. A proof of the linking of the stack overflow account is added to his DID.

We do a daily snapshot of all the stack overflow interaction from our users and compute the total number of upvote received by them since the start of the epoch time. The cash prize is divided by this score which means bigger incentive when there are few users.

Protocols are able to create an account either with an ETH account or a Gnosis multi sig. They are responsible for the moderation.

Frontend is build with React and we are using Node.js with express.js for the backend.

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