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A visual account abstraction transaction explorer with additional on chain notifications functionality


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


WalletConnect - Innovation Pool Prize

Prize Pool


WalletConnect - Best integration of the Web3Inbox SDK in an app 1st Place


The Graph - Best Use of Substreams


Mantle - Best Infrastructure & Tooling Project



Project Description

Account abstraction transactions are complex and hard to grasp. Moreover, current explorers are not tailor-made for these kinds of transactions, so in order to understand a transaction, you'd need to spend a lot of time and use different tools. Nazar enables users to dive deep into account abstraction transactions by exploring the general transaction data like status, gas fees etc. Nazar also shows a visual overview of the various components that participate in the transaction and provides a visual invocation flow based on the stack trace. Nazar is perfect for developers testing and implementing account abstraction or really anyone wanting to understand and visualize account abstraction logic. Both ERC4337 and Safe are supported on 8 different chains (ethereum, polygon, bnb, base, celo, arbitrum, optimism, gnosis)

Nazar also allows subscribing to on chain notifications about similar transactions via the Wallet Connect's Web3Inbox

How it's Made

It is built as a NextJS14 application. We use the Etherscan API, Quicknode provider and Safe API Kit SDK + Safe Deployments SDK to gather data about a single transaction. We created 2 new The Graph's substreams. First one is to build an up to date list of only Account Abstraction transaction to display in the UI. The second one compares the transactions to each other and provides a substream for similar transactions (needed to provide notifications to users) We used WalletConnect to enable connecting a wallet to the site and subscribing to notifications about similar transactions via WalletConnect's Web3Inbox

Github repos for Substreams:

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