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Napier Finance

The most efficient fixed-yield market compatible with any DeFi yield sources and Principal Tokens

Napier Finance

Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


๐Ÿ“ˆ AAVE Grants DAO โ€” ๐Ÿฅˆ Stablecoin Growth


๐ŸŽ“ APWine โ€” Wine Scholar


๐Ÿฅ‰ Aurora โ€” Best Use


๐Ÿฅ‡ Yearn โ€” Best Use

Project Description

Napier is the most efficient fixed-yield markets.

The competitive advantage is Napier Space AMM featuring "unified liquidity". It is the most capital efficient AMM for any yield sources and Principal tokens.

------ Our Solution : Unified Principal Tokens Liquidity ------

Napier integrates the liquidity of various Principal Tokens(PT) such as AAVE, Compound, Yearn and Euler into one Napier Principal Token(nPT), in the case with same underlying, same maturity, different yield source.

As a result, the LP's average exchange fee APY will potentially increase several times. Basically better LP profitability attracts more liquidity, which results in lower slippage.

In short, with the more exponential birth of yield source protocols, the more Napier's ecosystem is expected to grow.

How it's Made

------ how it's made ------

we split yield-bearing asset to two separate tokens: the Principal Token (PT), and the Yield Token (YT). One token represents the value of the base principal (called the Principal Token), and one token represents the variable interest gained from the yield generating protocol (called the Yield Token).

Also Napier AMM creates Fixed-yield markets. Unlike conventional Element fi or Yield protocol, we aggregate PTs whose of interest-bearing token are different into one PT (called nPT). this enables LPs to make more profit.

------ sponsor technology ------

Napier integrates various lending protocols and aggregators as yield source. Napier AMM aggregates PTs into one nPT. so integrating larger TVL protocol results in more liquidity.

we integrate the following DeFi :

  • Aave V2/Aave V3
  • Compound V2
  • Yearn Finance
  • Euler finance

In general returns of fixed-yield DeFi is sensitive to gas costs. we deployed contracts on Polygon.

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