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Namdaemun Marketplace

Marketplace for Buyers and Seller utilizing the Polygon MATIC

Namdaemun Marketplace

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Polygon MATIC securely provides the ecosytem adding on top of Best of Ethereum Blockchain provides. Payment transaction is securely done using MATIC coin Polygon protocol and framework supporting the Ethereum compatible Blockchain networks. Platform of Namdaemum Marketplace is very popular and widely used by Used-Secondhand products Buyers and Sellers to list the, browse, purchase, track shipment. review for/give feedback. Purchasing products transaction, tracking shipment of product on delivery and reviewing of the feedback is all captured and secured recorded in immutable blockchain.

How it's Made

Tracking ifnormation properly.

Secondhand store, information is tranparent.

Product is original and of great quality.

Buyers, Sellers reviews are stored in immutable Blockchain of Polygon framework.

Fast payment purchase transaction, secure and low fees in Polygon Blockchain.

NodeJs platform is used with Javascript in backend and ReactJS frontend. Heroku Cloud is used for hosting with the code repository in Github. We are using webpack bundler. For designing we using MS Visio. Namdaemun Marketplace Buyers and Sellers use the Web Browser to list, purchase, provide/read the Buyers/Sellers/Products review Using Metamask wallet users connect to Polygon framework and payment transaction is done in MATIC token.

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