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Instantly turn your Instagram page into minted NFTs that you can sell!


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Project Description

This project easily allows a content creator/artist to easily use the everyday tool they already use, Instagram. A user can convert their instagram posts into minted NFTs without even having to think about it, just authenticate your Instagram account, we take care of the rest. In just minutes, you entire Instagram library will be viewable on Rarible, OpenSea, and more!

How it's Made

This project uses a combination of low-code/no-code tools such as Zapier and Bubble to allow a user to authenticate with Facebook/Instagram and then import all of their Instagram posts.

With Bubble, we used Pathfix (pass through API requests) to make Instagram API calls on behalf. In Bubble, we create a user profile based off of their Instagram login and ask the user for their Wallet Address.

Then we pipe the data from Instagram -> Bubble -> Zapier. When it lands in Zapier, we built out two custom integrations. Using Node.Js we were able to create an integration with Protocol Lab's product using their APIs/SDKs where we can upload the image file and also the metadata file easily to Pinata IPFS. The second integration is titled after our project "MyMuzay" where we created our own custom Smart Contract on the Rinkeby chain. The Zapier MyMyzay integration allows a user to mint their NFT automatically.

So all together, we have a user come to our website, create an account, auth with Instagram, ask for their Wallet Address, and import their latest Instagram posts and all posts going forward, we then mint each NFT for the user with their Address, which is then discoverable on NFT marketplaces for sale! Instagram Artists will now easily be able to sell their artwork without even having to think about it!

There are still tons of improvements to be made to this MVP to get it production ready, but it was fun to help artists make NFTs without needing to think about it.

We were impressed that we were able to do so much using No-Code tools and could even open up the ability for anyone on Zapier to use our integrations with and mint any NFTs on our Smart Contract without knowing anything about code.

When supplying their Wallet address and proceeding, we mint all of the users instagram posts so that they can then sell them on various NFT marketplaces such as Rarible.

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