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My learning output about LayerZero. Copied official github codes, read it and learned about how LayerZero enables each smart contract to get connected.


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Project Description

This project revolves around my exploration and understanding of the LayerZero protocol. By utilizing official codes from GitHub, I sought to delve deeper into how LayerZero effectively facilitates the interconnection between various smart contracts. In this endeavor, given the time limitations, I couldn't create a full-blown application but was able to construct the OmniCounter Contract. The deployment of this contract was then tested on both goerli and mumbai testnets to assess its functionality and compatibility with LayerZero.

How it's Made

I began by sourcing official codes from the LayerZero GitHub repository. Reading through these codes provided an in-depth view of the protocol's operations, and it inspired the creation of the OmniCounter Contract. This contract was specifically designed to showcase the integration capabilities of LayerZero, highlighting how it can bridge smart contracts from diverse platforms.

For the development environment, I chose Solidity for writing the smart contract. Post development, I proceeded with deploying the OmniCounter Contract on two distinct testnets: goerli and mumbai.

Goerli, an Ethereum testnet, was chosen to gauge how LayerZero integrates with Ethereum platforms. Mumbai, the testnet for Polygon, provided insights into LayerZero's interoperability capabilities between Ethereum and Layer 2 solutions.

Throughout the development process, I relied heavily on the official documentation and resources provided by LayerZero. This was instrumental in guiding me through the intricacies of the protocol. The deployments on both testnets were relatively straightforward, without any need for unconventional or hacky solutions. The experience, though limited, significantly enhanced my understanding of interoperability and the pivotal role LayerZero plays in the blockchain domain.

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