My AirSwipe Ethereum Wallet and Reader

A hardware wallet and reader to trade or transfer Ethereum. Using short range 2-way wireless to communicate transactions.

My AirSwipe Ethereum Wallet and Reader

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Project Description

I am developing a hardware wallet for which I want Ethereum crypto-currency to be traded. My wallet hardware design is not based on a tokenized design like most are, but rather can support doing trades privately and perform blockchain transactions between a retail reader and other hardware wallets themselves. I am also designing the retail reader as well to perform network transactions similar to a tap credit card but not based on a simple one-way transfer of data. The technology is based on short range resonant induction technology but transmitted two-way without BT or WIFI.The goal is to do secure trades as a demonstration technology by doing simple air-swipe gestures at close proximity to a reader or other wallet..

How it's Made

I hope to have a design of my hardware wallet hardware designed and made as a prototype or concept model, and to make it functional to perform simple trades. There will also be a simple reader application to be the retail reader for retail transactions allowing the wallet to perform trades. I hope to make simple transactions using an RIC or resonant Inductive Coupler to perform the wireless transaction similar to an RFID. The reader will have network access and perform an Ethereum transaction as well. This will all be simulated but I believe I can make it work to also transact between wallets as well.

I want to use this opportunity to meet other people and learn a lot about Ethereum and blockchain technology to further my understanding and knowledge of software and hardware in this field. I am an experienced software coder and hardware expert in wireless technologies already.

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