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MxTape; Decentralized music player. Curate music, create mixtape from our public library & your Music NFT collection, chat with your community, and create your own subscription model. and split the income with your favorite musician.


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Project Description

This project aims to create another revenue stream for Musician & NFT music Collectors. While giving users authority to curate and manage their NFT music collection also create their own subscription models and split the income between Collectors & Musicians. Decentralize music players that give the power back to the community, where popular music is not decided by marketing strategy, but by community curation, creating a diverse market for every genre of music. Build with social layer & DID on top of Ceramic Network to make sure every data owned by the users. Credentials from the genre of music you listen to every day? Perhaps soon.

How it's Made

Curators and collectors that have created music NFT playlists on Spinamp from their own collection or the public library can use Mxtape to token-gate their playlists and enjoy their music in a social setting within our Next.js/React application. The Access Pass NFT's are minted on the Polygon Mumbai Network, through a factory and minimal proxy contract. The playlists provide chatroom and DID functionality for listeners, built with the Orbis SDK/Lit Protocol.

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