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MUZU is a place to convert your musics to content locked NFTs that can be only heard by owners who bought them.


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Project Description

With muzu artists and musicians can define their tracks as a template for NFTs. They can decide their mint price and supply. Users that want to hear those tracks need to have NFTs that are bind to those tracks. They can either mint them or buy them using Zora. Muzu can be use for high quality songs as well.

How it's Made

Muzu stack is nextjs, hardhat, tailwind, subgraph, apollo, web3storage and lit-protocol and ofcourse Zora. The main Muzu contract is a custom ERC721 that creators can define a track on them. Their audience then can mint those Tracks and own an NFT that is bound to that track. If a user own a track NFT they can unlock it's content using lit-protocol.

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