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Music3 let's you upload and share music over Decentralized Internet and mint it on the polygon mainchain


Created At

HackFS 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize


🥇 Valist — Best Use


🗃 IPFS/Filecoin — Best use of or


🥉 Polygon — Best Use

Project Description

Music3 is a web3 Song Storage and sharing Platform that lets you store songs on decentralized storage and mints an NFT on polygon main chain . You can you upload your favorite music files over decentralized internet with the help of IPFS and which you can share with your friend's and enjoy it.

We have used multiple set of technologies : -

IPFS , , web3.Storage , Polygon , NFTPORT , Spheron , Valist

  • The whole website is free to use
  • Upload NFTs in just a single click without any hassle
  • Handy UI and easy experience
  • Free NFT cover minted on polygon mainnet

Additional Links:

Spheron Link1 Spheron Link2

Valist Link

Vercel Link

Polygon Contract Link

Opensea Collection Link

Presentation Slides

How it's Made

The project is built with the help of technologies like IPFS and, the main feature of app is that it let's you submit your favorite music files and store them on decentralized storage platform and mint it as NFT. The project is deployed on Valist and Spheron which are both decentralized web hosting service and the NFT is minted on the Polygon main chain.

These are the services we used to build this project.

  • for NFT Metadata storage
  • web3.Storage for storing songs.
  • Polygon is used to mint Song Cover NFTs on main chain , the contract is deployed via NFTPort API call , so that there is no hassle of developing a separate contract
  • NFT.port is used to for NFT data fetching , Customizable NFT minting To the deployed contract and also for contract Deployment.
  • SPheron and Valist for deployement
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