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MultiMultiFaucet (Attempt)

An attempt at making the best faucet ever (a faucet that drips multiple tokens and NFTs, on multiple testnets)

MultiMultiFaucet (Attempt)

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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

This is an attempt at an implementation of a multifaucet similar to the Paradigm multifaucet. Unfortunately, I sunk much of my time into trying to pack WalletConnect / Worldcoin into NEAR-BOS but failed to do so, and was unable to finish the project. I overestimated the scope of what I could do as a solo hacker...

How it's Made

The frontend is built using NEAR-BOS. Because not every testnet chain supports AA, a microservice backend was stubbed to operate a private wallet which would fund user transactions. On chains supporting AA, a slightly different contract would've been used (I didn't get this far).

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