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MPTY is a curated fine art NFT platform with a twist: Art works are invisible and only reveal when donated to a museum.


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Project Description

MPTY aims to help contemporary artists and public art institutions explore the possibilities of web3.

Problem Hurdles for contemporary artists: Despite the steep development of the NFT market since 2020: Many visual artists still have a certain skepticism about the NFT space and are facing entry hurdles

The pressure of experience in museums: A museum has to keep up with the times in order to remain interesting. Many public institutions of contemporary art have not yet built up an NFT art collection.

Financial deficit of museums: Museums depend on public and private funding.

Idea MPTY regularly invites curators to show invisible artworks, so-called empty canvases, or unrevealed NFTs. Only when the artwork is donated to a museum by the buyer does it reveal itself.

The NFT of the artist goes into the museum's collection.

The artist gets exposure and earns from the initial sale

What’s in it for buyers? Buyers can sell or become benefactors that support a museum with the donation of the art work. Art donors enjoy an excellent reputation among art lovers. They are grateful for the opportunity to see the artwork.

How it's Made

MPTY NFT is an ERC-721 NFT token deployed on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

Scaffold-ETH has been used to Bootstrap the Platform mainly making use of:

Open Zeppelin, HardHat, Covalent for Data Feed (WIP), Chainlink Keeper (WIP), Ether.JS, Infura, ReactApp, Solidity, Javascript,

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