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Movie Meme Launchpad

The project is initialized based on `Scaffold-ETH 2`. We learned from [`ERC404`]( and referred to [`ERC404-Pro`](https://, we created our ERC404-RWA Protocol.

Movie Meme Launchpad

Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

Prize Pool

Project Description

FE: Smart contract: It's a project that can launch meme coin for any movie buy anyone(Need to pay 100 $BST).

It provide a ERC404 protocol like logic that user can

  1. launch new ERC404 token (here is a movie meme). without write any code
  2. buy NFT of the movie meme token
  3. buy FT of the movie meme token
  4. buy SBT of the movie meme token, can be use as the movie ticket
  5. swap 1 NFT into 10K FT at any time
  6. swap 10K FT into 1 NFT at any time
  7. NFT holders get the SBT sell income profit share.

How it's Made

  1. Nuxt as FE
  2. Solidity / hardhat for blockchain.
  3. Vue3
  4. Pinia
  5. FVM
  6. Try to use LIT protocol, but not fully implemented

We spend a lot of time to think about this model which have the FT/NFT liquality feature for any NFT project.

It base on the ERC1155 but provide ERC20/ERC721 function for users to trade with.

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