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Mousai is an NFT RoyaltyDAO that allows artists to share royalties with their fans.


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Project Description

Mousai allows music artists to share royalties with their fans ensuring regular royalties, strong community, and cuts out the middle man. This project puts music back in the hands of the people. Fans now can be emotionally and financially invested in their favorite artists. The contest allows for continued royalties. The artist can decides who receives a royalty, the percentage, and the amount of times the NFT can be resold.

How it's Made

This project uses react framework for UI;

uses Solidity smart contract that implements IERC2981 NFT with Royalty to mint NFT and collect royalty from initial and secondary sales.

The music and metadata is stored on IPFS. It's deployed on Polygon, and token will be up for sale on Rarible.

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