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Mostro (Social NFTs)

Mostro is a social network for NFT holders. Link your wallet, curate your NFT Gallery, and connect with friends to discover their collections.

Mostro (Social NFTs)

Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize

Project Description

With Mostro, you can create a customized Gallery of NFTs that you own that can be published as a stand-alone page or fed into a social feed for others to discover. Users can discover and follow one another, view the NFT content posted, comment, react and even offer to purchase NFTs that are shared on the platform. Mostro helps brings social utility and connection to the world of NFTs.

How it's Made

This project was primarily built in Bubble, a no code web app development platform, with API connections created to access functionality from various sponsors. I chose the Bubble platform for ease of use and speed in development given the time constraints of the hack. Both the front-end and backend logic and database were built with Bubble.

I used technology from 3 sponsors in the hack - ENS, EPNS, and NFTPort.

For ENS and EPNS, as no public APIs were available, I leveraged their SDKs to create my own API with Javascript and an Express server and deployed this code to Heroku. API functionality was limited to the main functions I planned to use in the app (lookup names for ENS; Get Feed and Send Notification for EPNS), however more functions could easily be added. I then created connections to this API server in Bubble.

(Side note: I'd be interested in further developing and commercializing an API for either ENS or EPNS and would put any prize money earned towards this project, should I be selected. For Bubble in particular, there's an ecosystem of third party plugins - both paid and free - and I believe there would be interest from users in accessing ENS & EPNS components in a user-friendly, no-code format in Bubble apps.)

NFTPort was particularly useful in accessing NFT metadata associated with Ethereum accounts and was easy to integrate via its API.

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