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Monkey Jungle

Dive into a tactical turn-based game powered by Unity and Dojo engine. Plan your moves, manage resources, and engage in strategic battles, all with the unique advantage of blockchain integration. Experience the future of gaming!

Monkey Jungle

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Project Description

We are developing a Unity-based tactical turn-based game that integrates the Dojo engine to bring blockchain technology into gameplay. The game leverages Dojo to make the game state and transactions verifiable and secure on-chain, enhancing transparency and player trust. Players will engage in strategic battles, managing their units and resources in a fully on-chain environment, where every move and decision is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring an immutable and transparent gaming experience. This integration aims to combine the engaging mechanics of tactical turn-based games with the benefits of blockchain technology, offering a novel and secure gaming experience.

How it's Made

The tactical turn-based game is built using Unity, a powerful game development platform known for its versatility and robust toolset. The core gameplay mechanics, such as unit movement, combat, and resource management, are developed using C# within the Unity environment. To bring the game on-chain, we integrate the Dojo engine, a blockchain-based toolchain designed for creating provable games and autonomous worlds. The Dojo engine ensures that all game states and transactions are recorded on the blockchain, utilizing smart contracts for game logic execution and state management. The integration involves setting up a Torii server to handle indexing and API exposure, along with configuring the Torii and RPC URLs for seamless blockchain communication. The game leverages asynchronous methods to synchronize in-game actions with the blockchain in real-time, ensuring a transparent and immutable gaming experience.

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