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"monet" is a decentralized business directory, where you find services or list your services. Craigslist on Steroids.


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Project Description

Monet could be a web3 implementation of job/service listing websites like Craiglist, JustDial, etc, This is a perfect web3 revamp as the business that aims to get listed needs to buy themselves an NFT card to be listed. There are two user stories when it comes to "monet" - our decentralized business directory.

  1. As a business, you buy an NFT card of a particular rarity (ranging from 1-10) for the service you are providing. Your business gets listed in an order based on the rarity of the card.
  2. As a customer, you use "monet" to find businesses under a service of your requirement.

As your business progress, you can level up your service card and boost your listing. Businesses that own a common NFT card for their service get their business sorted based on the user reviews. For obvious reasons, the business with the rarer NFTs gets listed on the top.

How it's Made

The Front End is built on ReactJS scaffolded by the CRA boilerplate. We used a Material UI design system. User Authentication is completely handled by web3Auth, one of the most versatile auth platforms out there. We have also used Web3Auth to handle and manage user profiles in our app - (name, email, profilePic) for our Dashboard on the Business Listing. We built our smart contracts using solidity. We used Remix to test and deploy the smart contracts. The app is powered by the polygon network.

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