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MonaLizard redefines Web3 marketing by transforming user engagement from mere rewards to a community-driven experience. Its NFT puzzle game and chatrooms foster lasting connections and real-time interaction, transcending traditional reward systems.


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


WalletConnect - Innovation Pool Prize

Prize Pool


Gnosis Chain - NFT Infrastructure Prize


Arbitrum - Pool Prize

Prize Pool


API3 - API3 Runners up


Worldcoin - Pool Prize

Prize Pool


Chronicle Protocol - Integrate a Chronicle Oracle

Prize Pool

Project Description

Current Web3 marketing tools are great at onboarding new users but fall short on retention, once the rewards are claimed engagement is over, leaving a void in community connection, and having the participant’s name on a list or scoreboard is not enough to feel part of a community.

Monalizard revolutionizes Web3 marketing aiming to create stronger interactions for both new and seasoned dApps users by gamifying interactions and building stronger communities. Through an engaging NFT puzzle game, Monalizard keeps the conversation alive and buzzing, word of mouth has always been king, isn’t it?

Projects will post limited-time puzzle campaigns to airdrop pieces randomly to MonaLizard users on a time basis specified by the project, to improve awareness some pieces will be rewarded to users who complete tasks that bring brand awareness, such as using the dApp or having social media interactions. Bridge a token and mint a piece! or, Join Discord and grab a piece! The possibilities are as varied as the projects themselves.

Each puzzle brings its own dedicated chatroom, a hive of activity where campaign creators and users alike can shill the project, mutually motivating participants to complete the puzzle as soon as possible. It's a place where calls to action like, "Ey Lizards! Follow on Twitter for your next piece, WAGMI!" aren't just messages; they're rallying cries for communal success. Completion brings tangible rewards, with all piece collectors sharing in the bounty from the project's campaign USDC funds.

Monalizard recognizes diverse interests among users, they might want also to participate in different puzzles, a marketplace to trade pieces will be available for them to trade pieces in order to complete different puzzles, and also all chatrooms will be open for users to propose deals on puzzle pieces. After all, it is all about converting users to crypto degens!

This platform is a far cry from mundane quests, Monalizard is all about genuine interactions, real commitment, real degens. Crypto is addictive and we the seasoned users know it. It captures the essence of blockchain's collaborative culture, offering more than just a scoreboard. It's about learning, engaging, and enjoying every step of the crypto journey. With Monalizard, the rabbit hole of crypto isn't just a path to follow; it's an adventure to savor.

How it's Made

MonaLizard is build with a set of different tools:

Gnosis: As the puzzles will be composed of unique NFT pieces, using Gnosis will let sponsors mint the pieces at near zero costs.

API3: For Monalizard to be a fair game pieces should be airdropped randomly to users, Using API3 QRNG will let the game have randomnes.

ChainLink: Will power automation on NFTs airdropping.

WAKU: Allows both users and investors to interact on the chatrooms, fostering community engagement and Sponsor promotion.

GRAPH: Helped us in indexing off-chain data for our marketplace at superfast speed using subgraphs and all this while using a decentralised protocol.

WalletConnect: On chain notifications built with Web3Inbox SDK to let users know when they get airdropped or get messages on the chatrooms.

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