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Project Description

The project is aimed to be a connector between instagram and NFTs, enabling the average instagram user to be able to mint their own NFTs and submit them straight to their instagram, as well as Opensea, and persist this to IPFS. This would hopefully get the average person to be able to adopt blockchain without having to leave the comfort of their favourite platform and make some monetary value on their instagram posts/pictures/videos.

How it's Made

This is thrown together using, nodejs, solidity, truffle for the backend. Using nextjs for the front end. Had new repository and pushed it together with a backend. We exposed this as a REST API from the backend using the ERC721 standard.

We used the Pinata and IPFS for the pinning of the digital assets so it has more resilience if the node goes down. To keep this flexible we used environment variables. We have kept all of our web3 constructors in the back-end so if we need to scale up this is easy. We used the token URL to attach the asset metadata.

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