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MityCodeScan is a tool designed to authenticate and establish the ownership of source code.


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

MintyCodeScan is a cutting-edge tool designed to authenticate and establish the ownership of source code. It employs a machine learning model trained to differentiate between human-generated and AI-generated code. For code confirmed as human-written, authors can claim ownership through a multi-step verification process. This includes confirming access to the associated GitHub account, verifying human identity using Worldcoin and Polygon ID technologies, and officially attesting ownership through EAS. This comprehensive approach ensures both the integrity and rightful ownership of software code in the digital realm.

How it's Made

MintyCodeScan's core functionality is based on a machine learning model specifically designed to discern between human-generated and AI-generated source code. The machine learning model is trained on a vast dataset of publicly available source code, with a focus on JavaScript. The model employs a transformer-based architecture. The Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) is utilized in MintyCodeScan as a foundational infrastructure for making attestations regarding the ownership of human generated code, both onchain and offchain. Through the integration with Worldcoin MintyCodeScan leverages Worldcoin's privacy-centric and secure authentication system to verify the identity of human code authors, thus enhancing the authenticity and ownership verification of the source code.

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