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A project for creators to mint and print NFTs paired with real-world merchandise.

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Project Description is a project for creators to mint digital assets (NFTs) and then print real world merchandise that is paired with each NFT.

You can mint your own NFT using the MintPrint ERC721 token contract deployed to the polygon/matic network or the MintPrint Zora contract that we have deployed on polygon mumbai.

Prints can then be claimed/purchased by anyone with the token link and a real-world piece of merchandise is printed and shipped.

Step 1: Token details are collected (name, description, asset, supply, tokenId, token address)

Step 2: The creator customizes a piece of merchandise using the MintPrint Mockup generator.

Step 3: The token and merchandise details are confirmed the creator pays the transaction fees to mint the token and pre-pays for each print.

Step 4: A customizable token link is generated for the creator. Each token link has a unique customizable name and type (fixed-price, donation, or free). The token link can be shared anywhere.

Step 5: Supporters of the creator are able to click the link and claim a token from the supply. Creators can use the service as a shop, donation platform, or for free crypto giveaways.

How it's Made

We used NextJS for the frontend code react app and API server. The user is able to connect using Metamask.

  • for pinning files

  • Polygon ERC721 token support

  • Zora deployed on Polygon Mumbai (see /public/zora_mumbai.json for Market and Media contract addresses)

  • Printful API for merchandise printing

  • Compatibility with any ERC721-compliant NFT (Rarible, OpenSea, Zora)

  • Integration with Ethereum Mainnet, Rinkeby, Matic Mainnet, and Matic Mumbai

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