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The protocol helps increase storage in Filecoin, encouraging miners to have liquidity to operate within the network. Through this technology, it allows the miner to fulfill its obligations, creating a good reputation and allows it to expand.


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💰 Filecoin — FEVM & Defi

Project Description

We developed a lending protocol for Filecoin storage miners. Having as guarantee the payment of his reward, partially discounted. Solving inclusiveness with miners who do not have sufficient liquidity to operate the protocol. Benefiting from holding the tokens in the system by generating performance. Through a solution based on a loan design, through storage actors within FVM to consult the reputation of the miners, manipulating their reward address allowing lenders to take profits.

How it's Made

A smart contract was developed to know the reputation of the miner and validate if a loan is granted, developing functions so that lenders can deposit tokens, implementing FEMV and solidity, assembling through contracts developed with the Solidity programming language that are executed in the FEMV. Having the FEMV saves us the deployment of the smart contract in another blochchain for example EVM. Foster the growth of the protocol, by breaking the participation and operation barriers for miners, this was achieved thanks to the automation of the generation of liquidity for a loan protocol exploiting the architecture of the FVM, in such a way that the reputation of a miner to access a loan without the need for collateral.

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