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Vesting protocol enabling secure, decentralized and smooth experience over Mina blockchain. Vesting contracts are secured using schnorr multi-signatures and prepared for completely autonomous deployments through the smooth UI.


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ETHGlobal Paris

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Project Description

This project enables users to distribute tokens with custom vesting plans. While on EVMs this is already present and trivial to solve, on Mina it is a completely different story - a fun and adventurous one. We enable anyone to become a vesting contract creator and use our decentralized service to distribute their tokens. Users can create their own MinaVest contract through our UI and add participants with custom vesting plans. While sensitive operations are secured by decentralized system of expirable multi-signatures, contract creator/owner can add more participants on his own and manage other settings. Important data is stored inside merkle maps which's roots are kept on-chain while key:value pairs are stored off-chain. Once signature's validity is confirmed, we are reducing over actions to make sure that it has not been used in the past 6 blocks. Since signature's lifetime is less than average block time on Mina, this solution protects us from signature reuse. If conditions mentioned above are satisfied, reducer is dispatching a new action. Our backend is listening for actions and if there is any, every 5 blocks we are reducing over them and making account updates with desired amounts to each wallet that requested to claim tokens.

How it's Made

Project uses schnorr multi-signatures, merkle maps, snarkyjs reducers and actions on the side of backend and smart contracts (as described in sections above). On the frontend side we have fully developed integration of Auro wallet which enables our users to deploy contracts and interact with such through the UI. In order to keep UI responsive during operations that have longer computational time we are utilizing web workers.

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