Mimic - DeFi DAO - A platform focused on helping people diversify they crypto assets investments.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

The idea is a platform where all kinds of people came to invest your crypto assets. Or to have some knowledge where to invest by Mimic others investors. This investors in turn could be paid by his followers. 2 others, Implement MimeFarm end MimePool service like spreading investment along many Farms and Pools to minimize risks… Also Farm whit one click facilitate the process through > liquidity > lps > farming Plataform also will serve as portfolio management.

How it's Made

I did the main platform in Django was woking on aws. The only case for the database is for save the portfolio if user opted for it. No login required, everything is authenticated by wallet Django inclued.

I use CoinGecko for price get.

Infura for eth e polygon blockchain interaction.

Binance for BSC blockchain interaction

I pretend to use Superfluid for payments to subscribe portfolio model.

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