milliondollartokenpage on L2

Milliondollarhomepage with Ethereum NFTs - now on L2 through Polygon

milliondollartokenpage on L2

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

In the NFT hackathon we built to learn how to build using Ethereum, and in this hackathon we're working to move it to L2. Milliondollartokenpage has 10,000 blocks of 10x10 pixels represented by 10,000 ERC721 NFTs on the Ethereum network. Our motto is interact, trade and share. Users can (1) interact by browsing around thousands of advertisements living side-by-side in the same virtual space and click on individual ones to learn more. (2) trade each pixel blocks, buying and selling them on the open-market. And finally (3) share the site to get kickbacks on recommended sales. A description of the project and how to use it can be found here:

How it's Made

The app was built with a React front-end, Python back-end, and Solidity contract running on Polygon's Mumbai testnet. We were particularly impressed with Polygon. In our case we needed to mint thousands of NFTs and doing it through Rinkeby was slow and transactions got stuck in the mempool (I can only imagine how it will be on the mainnet). However, with Mumbai it was near instant and the same went for trading tokens. Its exciting to realise that we'll get near instant transactions but still benefit from Ethereum's security model.

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