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Metaverse Advertisement DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to facilitating business models in the metaverse by maximizing utilization of community-owned virtual real estate assets in advertising, and sharing profits with metaverse players such as landowners and builders.

Metaverse Advertisement DAO

Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

The rapid rise in both the quantity and price of Metaverse digital NFT lands has taken the cryptocurrency space by storm and been a big part of the total nft sales. Investors trade and rent out their land to gain profit. Real active users in metaverse are building experiences such as NFT galleries, games and digital events as a means of socializing.

MAD sees it as an opportunity to facilitate business and monetization methods inside metaverse by maximizing utilization of community owned real estates in ads and sharing profits with landowners, and builders.

The project can be separated into three crucial parts: 1) Land delegation. We gather land parcels from the community. Decentraland and cryptovoxels have this feature called set operators or collaborators to allow landowners to have builders on their lands while still having the ownership to the land. By delegating their lands to us, landowners can still own their land but gain profit over time. 2) Build. We gather builders from the community to build with our in-house builders nft galleries, public event venues, etc. We install advertising billboards around the galleries and buildings. 3) Auction. As we gain more land parcels from the community, outside businesses can bid the advertising right of all the land parcels as a bundle and display their content on all the land parcels to gain traction. We share the profit with the landowners and builders to incentivize the community to participate more.

MAD aims to provide real-world individuals and businesses, including artists, gamers, content creators, and traditional companies, a means of posting advertisements across different metaverse platforms as we firmly believe in the value of the virtual economy and the entanglement of virtual and real-world assets.

How it's Made

For the delegation page, we first implemented a login function where users can login with their selected wallet. After we get access to user's address, we run decentraland smart contract method tokensof() to get user's nft land token ids. With that ids we can run the graph queries to get the parcels' information and display on the page. When user clicks on "lease", we call the "setOperator()" function from the smart contract and set MAD as contributor. Users can always click on "cancel" to call function to cancel the operation right of MAD if they decide not to participate.

For cryptovoxels, they don‘t have a valid API or smart contract call for us to create a similar experience. Thus for now we display a message for the users to copy our address and redirect them to the parcel page to add MAD as contributor.

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