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Meta Tune is an Artist to Fans Engagement Platform to help with discoverability of upcoming artists


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


MetaMask - Best Mobile-ready Dapp


Worldcoin - Pool Prize

Prize Pool

Project Description

  • Discoverability for new and upcoming artists is broken. We have so many sources of music streaming services now, however, it is harder than ever to find new & interesting artists, and vice versa for the artists.
  • We started with the idea of creating a platform of engagement between artists and fans. Fans have to want to come back to this site, so an attractive and seamless user experience is important.
  • We make the discovery easy for the fans by showing the leaderboard of trending artists. Fans can influence their artists by liking their music tracks. Fans can support their favorite artists by supporting them via NFT purchases & donations.
  • Every engagement is gamified. Fans earn points, which can later be used for goods purchases, priority seating for fan meetup events, signed albums, or any other goods sold by the artists.

How it's Made

  • Onchain assets; using Linea its fast and low gas fee and seamless integration with Metamask
  • Metamask SDK to create an efficient wallet connection
  • Integrated WorldcoinID to enable proof of human to prevent sybil attacks on the incentive mechanism
  • Minted tokens based on points you receive for participation (actions) on the platform
  • You can use the app without connecting a wallet, but if you want to redeem points you must connect a wallet
  • Frontend is built on next.js
  • We used IPFS storage to store data from the artists like music, and profile data.
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