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Metascope, for Data NFTs

Metascope is a dApp that analyzes and displays the metadata of Data NFTs. It lists properties, detects standard NFT types like Uniswap V3, Superfluid, OceanProtocol, etc. and renders a linked image. The dApp parses metadata content and makes it human readable in a UI.

Metascope, for Data NFTs

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ETHGlobal Tokyo

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🥉 Curvegrid — Best use of MultiBaas

Project Description

Metascope is a dApp to read and render the metadata of Data NFTs. The dApp accepts an address of an NFT as input and returns its metadata in human readable form.

On Etherscan it’s a laborious process requiring 6 steps. Some values are off-chain, involving an http request. Because the data is intended for machines it’s obscure for humans to read.

Data NFTs have custom metadata fields, often unique to their type (e.g. Uniswap V3, Superfluid, Ocean Protocol, token gating, etc.). NFT types with a known schema are recognized and their custom fields are rendered. Dates and hexadecimal values are converted to a human readable format.

Metascope also handles PFP NFTs, which are normally viewed on NFT markets like OpenSea, Rarible, etc. It displays traits, plus makes other metadata that is ignored by those sites visible.

For unknown NFTs Metascope lists the metadata elements and facilitates deeper inspection.

Metascope uses APIs such as AirStack for retrieving the standard indexed metadata, falling back to Etherscan for unknown fields.

In a future version Metascope will allow users to examine all NFTs at an address. The listing and any metadata containing hyperlinks will be filtered for scams and spam.

How it's Made

Metascope is a dApp that retrieves and renders the metadata of Data NFTs. It displays their properties, recognizes standard NFT types like Uniswap V3, Superfluid, OceanProtocol, etc., converts encoded elements, and shows any linked images. The dApp parses the metadata content and lists it in a friendly UI.

This project uses Django, the AirStack API, and custom queries to render Data NFT metadata human readable.

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