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MetaKey Wallet

Metakey wallet: a Web3 smart wallet using a widget for easy onboarding. It ensures seamless automated transactions and secure social backups, all powered by account abstraction.

MetaKey Wallet

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Project Description

Project Description: Metakey Wallet

Metakey Wallet is a cutting-edge Web3 smart wallet designed to simplify and enhance the user experience in the decentralized world. Leveraging advanced technologies and seamless integration, Metakey Wallet aims to make blockchain interactions more accessible, secure, and automated.

Key Features and Implementation

Next.js Framework:

The project is built using Next.js, a powerful React framework known for its server-side rendering and static site generation capabilities. This choice ensures a robust, fast, and scalable foundation for the wallet.

User Onboarding with

The login flow is implemented using the widget, which provides a smooth and intuitive user onboarding experience. The dashboard is configured to manage user sessions and interactions effectively.

Automated Transactions and Account Abstraction:

The wallet leverages account abstraction to streamline and automate transactions. This allows users to perform transactions without worrying about the complexities of underlying blockchain operations.

Onramp Service with Unlimit:

The wallet integrates Unlimit's onramp service in abstracted SDK mode, allowing users to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency seamlessly. The SDK is invoked in overlay mode, utilizing the email, name, and wallet address obtained from the provider function. This ensures a unified and cohesive user experience.

Seamless User Experience:

By integrating various services and abstracting complex processes, Metakey Wallet provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. Users can easily manage their digital assets, perform transactions, and access services without needing in-depth blockchain knowledge. Current Development Stage The project setup using Next.js is complete. The login flow is successfully implemented with Configurations on the dashboard are set up. Unlimit's onramp service is integrated in abstracted SDK mode, operating smoothly in overlay mode using provider user information.

Future Plans Enhanced Security: Implementing advanced security features to protect user assets and data. Feature Expansion: Adding more functionalities such as staking, DeFi integrations, and multi-chain support. User Education: Providing resources and guides to help users understand and make the most of Web3 technologies.

Metakey Wallet is poised to become a comprehensive solution for users looking to navigate the Web3 space with ease and confidence.

How it's Made

How It's Made: Metakey Wallet Building Metakey Wallet involved using a combination of advanced technologies and strategic integrations to create a seamless Web3 smart wallet experience. Here are the detailed steps and technologies involved in the development process:

Technologies Used

Next.js Framework:

Why Next.js?: Next.js was chosen for its powerful features like server-side rendering, static site generation, and its ability to build scalable and fast applications. These features are essential for creating a responsive and efficient wallet interface. Implementation: The project was set up using Next.js, laying the foundation for the wallet's frontend and backend components. Widget:

Purpose: provides a widget that simplifies the user onboarding process. It handles user authentication and session management, making it easier to integrate Web3 functionalities. Integration: The widget was embedded into the Next.js application, facilitating a smooth login flow. After successful login, user details such as email, name, and wallet address are fetched and used for further interactions.

Unlimit Onramp Service:

Purpose: Unlimit's onramp service allows users to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency. This is crucial for users who are new to Web3 and need an easy way to get started with digital assets. Integration: The Unlimit SDK was integrated in abstracted SDK mode. The SDK is invoked in overlay mode, ensuring a seamless user experience. User information obtained from (email, name, wallet address) is passed to the SDK, enabling a cohesive interaction flow.

Partner Technologies and Their Benefits

Benefit: By using, the complexity of user authentication and session management is significantly reduced. This allows the development team to focus on other core features of the wallet.

Notable Hack: The integration was done in a way that minimizes the user's need to repeatedly enter information, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing friction.


Benefit: Unlimit's onramp service makes it easy for users to transition from fiat to crypto, broadening the wallet's accessibility to a wider audience. The abstracted SDK mode ensures that the integration is smooth and user-friendly.

Notable Hack: Using overlay mode for the SDK invocation allows the wallet to provide a seamless in-app experience without redirecting users to external pages.

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