Allowing users to be rewarded for being active in the metaverse

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ETHIndia 2022

Project Description

To address the potential issues posed by lack of engagement in the metaverse, we created a reward system based on reputation. This system should reward users for activities that are beneficial to the metaverse as a whole, such as contributing to the development of the metaverse, participating in governance activities, and supporting the community.

By implementing a reward system based on reputation, the metaverse can ensure that users are incentivized to engage in activities that are beneficial to the overall metaverse community. This will help to foster a healthy and collaborative environment, while also encouraging users to contribute to the development and governance of the metaverse. The model is a gamified incetivizing solution for low metaverse engagement. The idea is to expand the model to an extent where any protocol can plug into it and reward their users for completing different activities on their own platform.

Our app currently rewards users for completing the following tasks:

1, Voting for a Decentraland Proposal 2. Buying a Decentraland Wearable 3. Going to a Decentraland Event

How it's Made


Problem/BUG: Verifying Channel Alias via the App gets stuck (switch Polygon <=> swithc Mainnet)?

Problem/BUG: Opting in pnly works on some networks (if it is done via frontend), but it looks like it works with others too. Workaround: set up 2 channels, one for mainnet and one for polygon.

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