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Metacubes Wallet

This is a blockchain based application that provides banking services to users. Users can deposit, transfer, withdraw, borrow and swap digital currencies. It also provides functionality for decentralized organizational management.

Metacubes Wallet

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Road to Web3

Project Description

Specifically this is a platform that brings banking services to Ethereum wallets. You get access to a wide variety of flexible and competitively priced banking products and services directly from any compatible Ethereum blockchain wallet. It gives you the benefits of complete and unrestricted banking, 100% privacy and top of the line security. It is more than just a bank or a banking service. it is an ecosystem and its also a cryptocurrency. By decentralizing banking, it gives you complete and direct control of your money while completely eliminating the barriers and quirks found in traditional banking business models. By leveraging blockchain technology, it is able to offer you security and complete privacy in all your financial dealings. As a matter of fact the platform does not require any of your personal information in order for you to enjoy any of its cutting edge banking products and services.
The easiest way to get started is with the wallet application. The wallet is the gateway to the exciting and innovative banking services that are offered by the platform. With support for online and mobile banking technologies, your money is literally at your fingertips. the wallet brings convenience, control, privacy and security to your banking activities, thus giving you the power to mange your money on your terms. To be more specific, the wallet is an Ethereum Wallet that gives you the ability to do the following:

  1. Create any number of blockchain based bank accounts (eg savings, current and CDs)
  2. Deposit funds into accounts.
  3. Transfer, receive and withdraw funds.
  4. Earn interest on deposits.
  5. Send, receive and process requests for payments
  6. Apply for loans, withdraw disbursed loan funds and make loan repayments.
  7. Receive overdraft protection services for eligible accounts
  8. Make online bill payments
  9. Access account statements and reports

How it's Made

The wallet is a web based application that is the frontend to backend components that are implement as Ethereum based smart contracts. The wallet is implemented using the ReactJS web component library. In addition to the Ethereum contracts the backend will be also composed of serverless backend code deployed on solutions like Google Cloud service.

Tools and Technologies

Name	                                                         Description

1 ReactJs library JavaScript front-end library;

2 Jest Jest is a JavaScript testing framework;

3 EthersJS Complete Ethereum library and wallet implementation in JavaScript;

4 MetaMask Software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain;

5 Ethereum Blockchain (Solidity) Blockchain Technology;

6 Google Cloud Service (Firebase) Serverless backend platform;

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