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A dashboard for Creators, for minting the image of their choice into a ERC-1155 based NFT token.


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Project Description

We, the team of MetaConnect, came up with an idea of building a dashboard for providing the creators/ community heads, the ability to create their custom NFT token based on ERC-1155 standard. We have also provied a feature which mints this to their wallet and also planning to implement the batch mint feature, for distributing its ownership to the audience of their choice.We beleive that NFTs, acting more than just a mere PFP or an artistic value, can evolve as a powerful web3 id/tool in the emerging world of metaverse, the example usecases being web3 meetings, web3 games,Community DAOs and so on.

How it's Made

This project uses Moralis for web3 authentication and NFTPort for uploading user's custom image to IPFS storage and for deployement of the ERC-1155 smart contract to polygon network. Also, we are using django for backend logic and routing and for storing basic project details sqllite database is used.We are planning make more improvements to our project in the coming days.

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