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Web3 Storage of Personal Health Records and AI generated answers to health questions

Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

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Project Description

Metacare.Ai is an AI medical assistant that features 100& anonymous and private chat. It requires no login, and only SIWE to sign and encrypt. enables a "chat with your medical record" by enabling the user to find and download medical records from web 2 sources and answers frequently asked questions based on the terminologies found in the medical questions. In this hack, we enable the user to persist downloaded records into web3 stroage

How it's Made is AI agnostic and allows the user to select the LLM to chat with. It currently supports Gemini, Chat GPT, and Claude, with more to come. Metacare, ai uses Lit Protocol, Web3 Storage, W3Na FHIR, Web3 Onboard, and Friendly Captcha. The tech stack is 100% Node and React

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