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Metacards (v2)

Metacards is a platform where people can mint their own Trading Card Set as NFTs with a few clicks. To enable their fans to access exclusive content through holding the NFTs.

Metacards (v2)

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Meet "tryMetacards", a place where everyone can mint their own trading card (NFTs) and trade cards of others.

Build with, Polygon, and Unlock Protocol

  • Gamification approach (using Trading Cards metaphor to represent the tokens of people)

  • Different rarity of the cards with different utilities (access to discord, 30-min calls)

  • Verification process, you can only create Cards of yourself (not of others e.g. Elon Musk) [coming later this year]

  • Trade and exchange Trading Cards on all open NFT Marketplaces

  • Create own collections (Berlin Artists, NYC Musicians) [coming later this year]

How it's Made

We are using Vue.js with materialUI as our frontend. Then we connect to users' wallets through web3js. Once the user entered all the data about their card we upload the image and the JSON to IPFS via Then we are using Polygon network to create a NFT minting contract via Unlock Protocol. Users then can mint the NFTs of their favorite Content Creators through Polygon by paying MATIC. Token Gating is done by Unlock Protocol. NFTs are shown on OpenSea and can be traded directly after on the secondary market.

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