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Invest in others and let people invest in you through NFTs and Trading Cards. We are building a Platform to mint your own Trading Card NFTs with a few clicks.


Created At

Web3 Weekend

Project Description

Meet "tryMetacards", a place where everyone can mint their own trading card (NFTs) and trade cards of others.

  • Gamification approach (using Trading Cards metaphor to represent the tokens of people)
  • Different rarity of the cards with different utilities (access to discord, 30-min calls)
  • Verification process, you can only create Cards of yourself (not of others e.g. Elon Musk)
  • Trade and exchange Trading Cards on all open NFT Marketplaces
  • Create own collections (Berlin Artists, NYC Musicians)

How it's Made

We are using with IPFS build on React and Fleek using ERC-721 OpenZeppelin Smart Contract written in Solidity.

Started with a react starter template I've saved up, ripped out the traditional backend flask, relationalDB and authentication part. Followed the design concepts of Ahmed's Rarible internetlegends store and Serg's figma wireframe design concepts. Talked about expectations and coding priorities with Kyle and Tommy.

We decided to start with what we know we can accomplish, a simple react form to take in the user's Name, Twitter handle(hopefully for future unique identify validation), and a image file. Make a 2D preview of what the front of the card would look like. Then use as our IPFS interface to store the metadata and image file, use the web3 npm package(metamask) to ping a smart contract written/deployed with truffle and openzeppelin on the Rinkeby Testnet to generate a ERC 721 token

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