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Meta Capsule

Meta Capsule is a marketplace for wearables both, physical & digital with infrastructure to match fashionbrands & 3D artists to bring physical fashion collections to the metaverse.

Meta Capsule

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Project Description

The goal of meta capsule is to provide infrastructure for fashionbrands and merchandiser interested in bringing their physical collection to life in the metaverse. Our matchmaker allows Fashion Brands & 3dArtists to go into an escrow Smart Contract. When an Offer for an escrow is issued from a fashionbrand, the 3d artist is able to approve the Escrow, if so there is a deadline by which the artist has to upload a file as proof of work. If done within the timelimit of the escrow the artist is entitled to 25% of the payment. At this point the fashion brand checks the submission and can approve or deny. If denied, the artist is left with 25% of the original agreement, the brand receives back their remaining stake of 75 % and the escrow failed. If the fashion brand approves, the remaininf 75% outstanding will be tranferred to the 3d this point the fashion brand can go ahead and submit the item for approval at decentraland or other metaverse worlds. After approval of decentraland the item can be listed on our marketplace. There are 2 options, digital only which is pretty straight forward, or physical & digital which would allow the seller to sell a T-shirt in physical fashion with a digital clone.

How it's Made

We are using next js & tailwind css fo the frontend, moralis for managing the backend and database, IPFS to upload and store item files for the marketplace as well as escrow contract. Solidity for smart contracts and Chainlink keepers for tracking the deadline of the escrow. The escrow works as follows: Brand submits offer, 3D artist can then approve and if they do so, they will have to upload their proof of work by given deadline, if successfully submitted proof of work 25% from the initial escrow contract USDC amount goes to the artist. Fashionbrand can now approve the final submission or deny it. if approved, remaining 75% go to the artist. if denied for any reason, 75% revert back to the fashion brand, artist keeps 25% for their initial work.

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