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merhaba-wallet boosts mass adoption of social recovery wallets with a practical, enhanced recovery mechanism.


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Best dApp utilizing Account Abstraction or SocialConnect on Celo


Best use of Axiom for on-chain identity and reputation


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Project Description

Merhaba Wallet is spearheading the mass adoption of social recovery wallets by implementing a practical and advanced recovery mechanism. This innovative approach addresses two critical issues prevalent in the current digital wallet landscape:

Counterfactual Addresses of Smart Contract Wallets: Merhaba Wallet's design mitigates the complexities associated with counterfactual addresses in smart contract wallets. These addresses, which represent potential wallet contracts not yet deployed on the blockchain, often introduce operational and security challenges. Merhaba Wallet's solution simplifies this aspect, enhancing both the security and usability of smart contract wallets.

High Number of Transactions for Updating Verification Keys: Traditional methods of updating verification keys in socially recoverable wallets require a substantial number of blockchain transactions, leading to increased costs and inefficiencies. Merhaba Wallet streamlines this process, significantly reducing the number of required transactions. This efficiency is achieved by the innovative use of its KeyStore contract on a secure Layer 1 blockchain like Ethereum, which allows for a more efficient management of verification keys.

By addressing these issues, Merhaba Wallet not only makes the use of social recovery wallets more practical and user-friendly but also enhances the overall security and efficiency of managing digital assets. This approach is particularly beneficial for users who seek a balance between robust security and ease of recovery, making it a compelling option for a wider audience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

How it's Made

The description of Merhaba Wallet's architecture and technology stack highlights its advanced approach to digital wallet security and usability. Here's an overview based on the provided details: =>Verification Key Separation Architecture. =>Development of dApp in NextJS. => Smart Contracts in Solidity. => zk-Based Secure cross-chain Communication for Key Update.

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