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Memester: Create, Share, and Earn — Where Your Memes Matter


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

There are 7.9 billion people on Earth, and each one of us has a duty to create and enjoy memes. Time is ticking.

Current digital platforms lack effective mechanisms to adequately compensate meme creators and do not provide advanced tools for enhancing meme marketing strategies, limiting the potential for creators and marketers to fully engage with and monetize their content

Memester empowers users not only to create memes but also to host their own meme contests. With intuitive tools and seamless integration with Arbitrum and Morph, users can easily set up and manage contests, inviting others to participate and showcase their creativity. These contests are stored securely on-chain, ensuring transparency and fairness in the voting process. Memester's user-centric approach extends to contest creation, providing users with the flexibility to customize rules, themes, and prizes according to their preferences. By democratizing the contest creation process, Memester fosters a vibrant ecosystem where users can engage, compete, and celebrate the art of memes like never before.

How it's Made

Frontend Development: We utilized modern frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create Memester's user interface. Frameworks like React.js were instrumental in building dynamic and responsive UI components, providing users with an intuitive and engaging experience.

Backend Development: For the backend infrastructure, we leveraged Node.js and Express.js to handle server-side logic and API integrations. These technologies allowed us to build scalable and efficient backend services to support Memester's functionalities.

Database Management: Memester relies on Tableland for data storage, providing a secure and reliable solution for storing user-generated content, competition details, and voting data. MongoDB was used as the primary database management system, offering flexibility and scalability for handling large volumes of data. Blockchain Integration: To enhance transparency and security in meme competitions, we integrated with Arbitrum for off-chain computation and transaction processing. This allowed us to store competition data on-chain, leveraging blockchain technology for immutable and tamper-proof record-keeping. Partner Technologies: Partnering with technologies like Arbitrum and Tableland benefited Memester by providing robust infrastructure for data storage and transaction processing. Arbitrum's scalability and cost-effectiveness allowed us to handle a large volume of transactions without compromising performance, while Tableland ensured the security and accessibility of user data.

Hacky Solutions: While building Memester, we implemented some creative solutions to overcome challenges and enhance user experience. For example, we optimized image processing algorithms to improve meme creation speed, implemented caching mechanisms to reduce server load during peak usage, and employed smart contract templates for streamlined competition creation.

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