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Melon revolutionizes DAO governance with secure ZKP identity verification via Sismo. Influence is based on Sismo rank, ensuring fair, transparent decision-making. Trust in DAOs, now preserved & enhanced!


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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

Melon is an innovative and forward-thinking project that fundamentally reshapes governance protocols within the landscape of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). This pioneering initiative is set apart by its intricate utilization of Sismo, an advanced platform that uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to facilitate secure, non-intrusive, and efficient identity verification.

Melon's integration with Sismo's unique ranking system brings an unprecedented level of fairness and inclusivity to the governance process. Each user's influence in governance decisions is not dictated by wealth or arbitrary factors, but by their rank on Sismo. This ranking system ensures that all voices are heard and valued, fostering a democratic environment where each stakeholder has a fair say in decision-making. The verifiability of these ranks through ZKPs ensures the system remains immune to manipulation, promoting transparency and trust within the community.

This blend of technologies introduces a new era of participation in DAOs. Traditional barriers to entry, such as lack of trust and concerns about privacy, are addressed by Sismo's secure and anonymous identity verification process. This empowers participants to contribute to the decision-making processes without fear of privacy invasion, thus broadening the base of active participants in DAO governance.

Moreover, Melon also introduces efficiency and scalability into DAO governance. The integration of ZKP for identity verification and ranking ensures that the process remains quick and efficient, even as the DAO scales up and incorporates more participants. This makes Melon a future-ready solution for the increasingly complex needs of decentralized governance.

In essence, Melon is not just a project - it's a revolutionary approach to DAO governance. By ensuring secure identity verification, equitable influence, and efficient governance processes, Melon is lighting the path towards a more inclusive, fair, and efficient future for DAOs.

How it's Made

This project use Sismo to generate ZKproof and verify them, Polygon to deploy the smart contracts factory, we used hardhat and foundry to manage Solidity, React for the front end with Nextjs, with vercel the host our front, we tried to add account abstraction, but the sdk on Polygon does not allow to modify the account abstraction contract

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