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Medicis offers a solution for users to deposit capital, ensure capital is guaranteed and enable personalized allocation of yields to beneficiaries.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Our project consist in a webapp enabling users to do yield farming, in a risk free way (capital is guaranteed) while personnalizing allocation of yield harvested. Basically the project enables to decouple capital from yield harvested. By doing so, depositors will be able to select specific beneficiaries for their yield (charities, family, wife, husband, ...). Depositors are able to withdraw their capital whenever they wish. Beneficiaries can also withdraw yield harvested freely. Both side will receive custom NFTs displaying their position

How it's Made

  • First a big part of the job consisted in implementing Yearn SC architecture. We chose Yearn as it is the state-of-the-art technology for Vault frameworks and it would make it easily integrable by third parties.

  • We also worked a lot on the split of shares between donator and grantee and calculations to ensure capital cannot be redeemed by the grantee

  • Regarding the token accepted we implemented 2 of them

      - USDC: to enable non-crypto native to hold a fix amount of capital in $ terms over time.
      - WBTC:  on the other side to enable crypto-lovers to detain capital in BTC and be exposed to BTC volatility while gaining interests over time
  • Regarding the strategies, we implemented safe strategies to avoid any capital risk using overcollateralized Aave lending pools. Aave safety modules also convinced us to opt for this technology as it would cover losses in case of shortfall event.

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